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Welcome to the inaugural CEA Mission Statement:

Like us, it’s transparent. We’d rather be a long-term wealth management advisor, than a portfolio monitor.

Our 3 “W’s”:

WHAT we offer:

A suite of wealth management services and tools that enable you to become more knowledgeable, professional and empowered investors- that further build on what you’ve built and help you achieve your life goals.

WHO we offer it to:

Our clients include business owners, corporate managers, medical professionals, and mid and high net-worth individuals who are employed in diverse industries and occupations. Many of our customers are people who’ve worked hard to get to where they are today.

WHY we do what we do:

  • We love to see people do better.
  • We love to see people get smarter.
  • We love to see people enjoy their lives and achieve their aspirations.

So- we do the heavy lifting, in order for you to prosper.


  • We professionally Counsel each and every one for our Clients- regardless of size of portfolio. This never changes as the years go by.
  • We use our collective Experience and premium analytics to offer a wide range of leading financial and wealth management services including long-range Retirement Planning, Strategic Investments and customized Life Insurance.
  • As a constant, hands-on advisory, we use our Boutique’s size to strategic advantage for our clients, taking on-going Action to modify and adjust your Portfolios. We always strive to Proact- not React, with both your time and money.

CEA: Services of a big company, with hands-on approach of a small one!

Our Company Values, in a Word

Since “words matter”- all of what we do what we do, for our Customers, is always in the following Context:

  • with Transparency
  • Honestly
  • with Integrity
  • with Credibility
  • with Flexibility
  • Passionately
  • Creatively
  • Personally
  • Friendly
  • and finally…with Charity

CEA: Social Benefit and Cause-Related Support

As with many other progressive companies, we believe in giving back/paying it forward.
Based on our Founder’s values, CEA increasingly supports non-profits and charities in the Canadian Healthcare sector that are committed to a number of important Health-based causes. As our Company program and policies evolve, mature and become more structured, we will gladly share them with our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and associates.