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This video summarizes CEA Founder John Leroux’s synopsis of the 2023 investment year and offers a view and early comment on what 2024 is shaping up to be for investors.


I’m here to talk about what transpired in 2023 and what we foresee coming potentially in 2024. 2023 ended up being a positive year with the US market finishing up over 20 percent, the large caps of course.

The Canadian market finished over 8 percent and the European market finished low-double digits.

All of this bolsters well for 2024.

The thing that we are keeping our eyes on are inflation, hopefully, it goes down or stays in check.

Interest rates that hopefully go down along with interest rates and last but not least continue to follow dividend-paying stocks and the potential for them to go up in value as a result of growing their earnings.

All of this bolds well for a 2024 that could be positive but obviously, if we are wrong with predictions and inflation does take off again as it did in the 70s well all bets are off.

Hope you understand some of the ideas and some of the things that are transpiring that will affect 2024.

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